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Typical inspection Methods for Commercial Aviation

For commercial aviation, the goal of our NDT services is to ensure and provide through impartial reports that your critical infrastructure is properly maintained in order to avoid catastrophic accidents. In our experience the NDT methods typically associated with critical infrastructure assurance in aviation, are Visual Inspection, Eddy Current and MPI. The underlying commonality among all these typical methods is the collection of imaprtial data in a non-intrusive manner...


Typical inspection Methods for Commercial Buildings

NDT is a key component of a well-run facility, and the importance of NDT should not be underestimated by any facilities manager. Our Non-destructive testing methods enables your buildings and ancillary services to be investigated without the need for disturbance or risk to those working in your property. No damage is caused to the structures and our techniques have a wide range of applications that provide a wide range of detail of integrity. Kraken-NDT have experience encompassing historic buildings to industrial buildings and from office to retail environments.

In these types of facilities the most common methods of inspections, but not only, are Visual Inspection, Eddy Current and MPI.....


Typical Inspection Methods for Amusement Devices

Kraken-NDT understands that for compliance to the PUWER regs enforced by HSE a controller of a device should make available to the NDT technician a written schedule of inspection for NDT which specifies the frequency of in-service NDT required (this can be measured in either time and/or ride cycles as appropriate), the type of NDT to be used, the location, and the defect acceptance criteria.

This schedule should have been drawn up by a suitably qualified mechanical/structural engineer along with a person qualified in the NDT techniques to be used (PCN level 3, or equivelent). The most common methods in this industry, but not only, are Visual Inspection, Dye-Penetrant and MPI...


Typical inspection Methods carried out offsite

All our NDT Off-site testing and inspection is applied under the control of a pre-agreed procedure which is produced and approved by you. This is likely to be undertaken by your technical department on behalf of your company. This pre-agreed procedure, which may be supplemented by a specific technique sheet, should be sufficiently detailed to define the technique to be applied. This NDT technique can then be applied by our competent technician in controlled conditions and the results reported. The report will highlight any restrictions in the application of the technique and will list any changes to the technique which were required by the particular application; if necessary...