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ADIPS NDT Inspections

It is widely acknowledged that to ensure the safety of both major and minor fairground rides requires a diverse range of aspects to be covered and understood by a ride operator. The obvious aim of ADIPS compliant inspections is to reduce the occurrence of accidents of all types, but especially to reduce the potential for incidents with major injuries or multiple fatalities.

Therefore, with the ever increasing innovative, complexity and scale of rides, there is an increasing expectation on safety within the industry and the organisations and guilds which exercise an influence over different aspects of the fairground industry here in the UK.


What Makes Us Different

Kraken-NDT recognises that the degree of complexity of today's documentation in order to ensure that these inspection activities are carried out in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020, must have the documented technical competence necessary to cover all significant issues and technologies involved in the performance of inspection activities that are carried out for the client.


  • Plans and organises inspection activities professionally
  • Understands the requirements for the items inspected
  • Understands the risks pertaining to failure of inspected items to fulfil the requirements
  • Has “Written Practices” documentation of each NDT process

You Should Know

Kraken-NDT have documented instructions for carrying out inspections in a safe manner and include procedures to ensure the safety of personnel and, where appropriate, protection of the surrounding environment.

ADIPS compliant NDT inspections are non-destructive testing examinations to specific instructions - known as NDT Schedules. These are written as a comprehensive range of technical procedures/technique sheets which are ISO standard compliant & PCN Level III approved, continually revised and updated with the latest revisions of the referenced standards.

Kraken-NDT do not engage in any activities that may conflict with its independence of judgement and integrity in relation to their inspection activities.

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