• Kraken-NDT, UK

ADIPS NDT Inspection general

ADIPS compliant NDT inspections are non-destructive testing examinations to specific instructions - known as NDT Schedules. These are written as a comprehensive range of technical procedures/technique sheets which are ISO standard compliant & PCN Level III approved, continually revised and updated with the latest revisions of the referenced standards. For specific devices technical procedures are developed for each individual test in accordance with the referenced contractual code and standard.

Currently there are three primary pieces of NDT guidance for the UK amusement device industry that have the approval of HSE, Trade associations and inspection bodies. These are Safety of Amusement Devices: Non-Destructive Testing, Scheme Document for the inspection and certification of amusement devices, both published by ADIPS and HSG 175 published by HSE.

ADIPS Registered Inspection Bodies (RIB’s) provide inspection activities to duty holders who have responsibilities for the health and safety of persons, including managing and controlling risks and having amusement devices properly maintained and inspected


Kraken-NDT use the methods and procedures for inspection which are defined in the requirements against which inspection is to be performed and that is within the current technical scope of the company. The requirements against which the inspection is performed by Kraken-NDT are specified in regulations, standards, and specifications that have been accepted as industry best practices.

Kraken-NDT understand that a standard inspection method is one that has been published, for example, in international, regional, or national standards, or by reputable technical organisations or by co-operation of several inspection bodies or in relevant scientific text or journals. This means that methods developed by any other means, including by the client, are non-standard methods.

Kraken-NDT as a registered PCN Level 2 inspector is fully aware that in these situations of nonstandard methods, unless it can be evidenced by the client that the requested method has been “signed off” by a level 3 registered PCN inspector, or equivalent and is within the technical scope of the company then Kraken-NDT will not be able to carry out the inspection.