• Kraken-NDT, UK


Kraken-NDT Inspection Activities

Kraken-NDT as a one-person inspection body has and makes available, suitable, and adequate facilities and equipment to permit all activities associated with the NDT inspection to be carried out in a competent and safe manner by the company.

  • Client/s

    Fairground and Amusement Parks, Commercial Inspections, Aviation and Maritime

  • Compliance

    The ADIPS Scheme, and Industry Best Practices

  • NDT Categories

    Eddy Current (EC), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Ultrasonic testing (UT), and Visual Inspection (VI), Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI), and Offsite Inspections

  • Sub Contracting

    Where Kraken-NDT subcontracts any part of the inspection, it understands and will ensure, and be able to demonstrate that it is competent to perform the activities in question.